What is wi-fi mesh technology? Why are wi-fi mesh devices better than the wi-fi extenders?

Whether you’re at home or at work, no one likes dead zones or weak signals when it comes to wi-fi connections.

Wi-Fi mesh technology is a type of wireless networking technology that uses a network of nodes or access points to provide wireless coverage over a larger area, such as a home or office. The nodes communicate with each other to create a single, seamless wireless network that devices can connect to without having to switch between different networks or access points.

Compared to Wi-Fi extenders, which were the most popular solution for extending Wi-Fi coverage before the emergence of mesh networks, Wi-Fi mesh networks offer several advantages. Some of these advantages include:

  1. Better coverage: Wi-Fi mesh networks use multiple access points that communicate with each other to provide better coverage throughout the coverage area, without any dead spots.
  2. Seamless roaming: Devices can move around within the coverage area without losing connection, as the mesh network seamlessly switches them between access points.
  3. Easy setup: Wi-Fi mesh networks are generally easier to set up than Wi-Fi extenders, as you just need to place the nodes in strategic locations, and the network will automatically configure itself.
  4. More capacity: Wi-Fi mesh networks can handle more devices simultaneously, so they’re a good solution for households or offices with many connected devices.
  5. More reliable: Wi-Fi mesh networks are generally more reliable than Wi-Fi extenders, as the nodes communicate with each other to provide a more stable and consistent wireless signal.

Overall, Wi-Fi mesh networks provide a more reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for extending Wi-Fi coverage than the older Wi-Fi extender technology.

To get going with mesh technology, step one is to find out if your existing router supports it. Do a Google search for “Does my <insert router make and model> support a mesh network?”

If it doesn’t, you’ll have to invest in a router that does.

If it does – great! There’s a good chance that your router manufacturer sells mesh ‘pods’ or ‘units’ that will play nicely with your router. That said, in theory you’re not tied to the same make+model as your router when it comes to buying your mesh pods or units. Just be sure to check  compatibility of all your tech.

Here’s a Google search for mesh systems: https://www.google.com/search?q=best+wifi+mesh+systems.

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