FREE wi-fi is coming very soon to Broadstone Business Centre tenants. Yay!

That’s right. High-speed Virgin Business Broadband is due to be installed and (hopefully!) enabled tomorrow afternoon, Wednesday 8th March ’23, in our Broadstone office space rental premises.

This will be a FREE shared wi-fi service for all our lovely office and workspace rental tenants who, up until now, have had to make their own individual Internet connection arrangements.

But…. we do have some IMPORTANT NOTES & DISCLAIMERS to make about this new service!

  1. The router will be positioned approximately centrally in our premises. We know for a fact that the signal will not immediately reach to the furthest-away office. This will be work-in-progress to improve over the coming weeks/months, probably using mesh technology.
  2. This is not a guaranteed service, either in uptime or in speed. We’ll continue to encourage tenants to make their own Internet arrangements if they wish to build some redundancy into their connectivity (that’s geek-talk for having a backup plan!), and especially if they wish to perform ‘heavy load’ activities (see below).
  3. Given that we expect many (possibly over 100) devices to be connected to the shared wi-fi at any given time, we ask that tenants refrain from heavy load activities such as streaming video. Audio streaming *might* be ok, we just don’t know at this stage. We will be able to monitor the traffic (not the content!) per device, and reserve the right to block excessively heavy users without warning in the interests of our community.
  4. Doubtless we’ll need to refine our policies and guidance over time as we learn from experience.
  5. Tenants with existing broadband contracts: if you find that our free wi-fi service is sufficient for your needs and you wish to cancel your contract, note that it might not be as expensive as you think to cancel your contract prematurely, so don’t necessarily wait until your current contract expires.

Exciting! Enjoy!

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